O Violão de Marcos Vinícius - Roma - Itália.

Guitarrista e Compositor Marcos Vinícius
Roma - Itália

Marcos Vinícius é meu irmão mais velho. Apaixonados por música, violão, guitarra, Marcos optou pela Música de Concerto, a Música Erudita. Já minha estrada sempre foi a MPB ou a Música Instrumental Popular Brasileira.

Assim fomos construindo nossas carreiras musicais, e, desde de crianças.
Marcelo Cardoso.


Come si educa un talento? “Non è una cosa necessaria il talento, ma occorre disciplina e prima ancora la volontà di avere disciplina”, è così che Marcos Vinicius, considerato uno dei massimi chitarristi al mondo, ci insegna che “il successo è una via, e non una destinazione”. Una passione, quella per la chitarra classica, nata in tenera età e che non lo ha più abbandonato, un segno probabilmente arrivato nel momento in cui sentiva maggiormente la mancanza di suo padre, venuto a mancare poco tempo prima. La costanza e l’impegno lo portano giovanissimo al prestigioso concorso internazionale “Villa Lobos” da cui ne esce vincitore, e in seguito, come miglior allievo di Oscar Ghiglia presso l’Accademia Chigiana di Siena, inizia ben presto la sua carriera internazionale fatta di successi. È il Presidente dell’Accademia di Chitarra Classica, Consulente Artistico della prestigiosa Accademia Barocca di Xi’An (Cina) e, in passato, Dir. Art. dei Corsi e docente nell’Accad. Int.le di Musica e Arti di Roma. Invitato a rappresentare con la sua Arte il Brasile a EXPO 2015, è stato testimonial ONU per la FAO. Una vita spesa per la musica che lo ha portato inoltre a comporre un’“Ave Maria” per coro misto, brano rappresentativo scelto all’interno del Festival Int.le di Cori in Brasile quest’anno dedicato proprio ai tre più importanti Centenari Mariani. I suoi concerti a sostegno dei diritti umani nel mondo gli sono valsi il premio “Dono dell’Umanità” e il Premio Padre Pio. Una necessità, come lui afferma, quella di sostenere concerti di beneficenza, per poter offrire ai bambini e alle persone che hanno più bisogno un sostentamento, e questa è “una forma di gratitudine per ringraziare Dio del dono che ho ricevuto”.


Marcos Vinicius, started his concert career at the age of fourteen and, since then, he has gained an increasing success of public and critics, playing in the most prestigious Brazilian and European cultural centres and after around the world.
The story of his first encounter with the guitar, when he was 8, is really singular:
“…coming back from school, I always walked along the same way to go home…One day, as my mother didn’t see me at home at the usual time, worried about my unusual being late, came and looked for me, walking along my way, and suddenly she saw me, still in front of a shop window where there was a guitar hung on the wall (I remember it as if it had happened today)…The owner of the shop told her that I was there, my eyes fixed on that instrument, since more than an hour and he added: “Mrs…it is as if he had discovered something very precious for him”.
Fortunately, at that moment, my mother realised the force of that attraction for me and, though with difficulty, she bought me my first guitar. I still thank her, because she understood that by that present she allowed me to walk along this difficult but fantastic way.

He was only sixteen when he received the “Honorary Diploma” from the Cultural Departement of Congonhas, a Brazilian city considered by UNESCO “World Historical Heritage” and, in 1984, he won, by common consent, the prestigious “National Villa-Lobos Musical Contest”. In 1987, he distinguished himself as the best guitarist in the Master Classes held by Oscar Ghiglia and received the “Diploma of Merit” from the Chigiana Musical Academy of Siena.
Graduated with the title of “Teacher of Classical Guitar in the Superior Chair” at the State University of Brazil, he is often invited as a Professor and concert player by the most important Music Conservatories of his country, two of which are the Recife Music Conservatory and the Music High School of the Minas Gerais Federal University.

He has performed as a soloist with prestigious orchestras, such as the Milan Ensemble, the Pernambuco Symphony Orchestra and the Minas Gerais’ Symphony Orchestra, winning, in 1992, the title of “Soloist of the Year” for his performance in the famous “Concierto de Aranjuez” with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.
Important figure during the concert seasons of the main Brazilian cities, as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, he performed concerts in many countries, such as USA, Spain, England, Finlandia, Belgrade, China and Turkey (at the prestigious Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall of Istanbul). Other stages of his career took him to Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Israel and Poland, where he represented Brazil at the “ International Guitar Festival”. Marcos Vinicius has also performed, in 2001, at the “International Festival of Stresa”, at central Building of FAO in Rome; and also at Wigmore Hall and St. John’s Smith’s Square, two of the most qualified concert halls in London.

Besides his intensive concert activity, Marcos Vinicius attends to important transcriptions and editing revisions of works for classical guitar that are edited and promoted by Edizioni Carrara (Bergamo), that have also given him the direction of a whole collection called “Marcos Vinicius Guitar Collection”, collection that has the prerogative of bringing to light a repertoire for this instrument always new and rich of treasures sometimes still unexplored. Is very famous your THE ART OF THE GUITAR. Also his original works for classical guitar now are published by Sonitus and Preludio Editions (Italy) and Periferia Sheet Music in Spain.

Thanks to his profound knowledge of the guitar repertoire, Marcos Vinicius is often invited to give lectures and “Master Classes” that take him around the world. His technique of a very high standard and his sensitive stylistic interpretation, have also attracted the attention of many composers who dedicated to him valued works for guitar – for example, William Lovelady in England, Paolo Colombo and Antonio Brena in Italy, Marcelo Fortuna, Julio Borges and Claudio Tupinambà in Brazil.

His record production, that includes the CDs “Dedicatoria,” “My Hands...My Soul”, “Guitar Recital”, “Leyendas”, “Encanto” and "Viola...Violar" ( edited by Discantica, Milan) and more recent "Playing Marcos Vinicius", has always been followed by enthusiastic critics that have appeared in the most important reviews and daily newspapers in Europe and America (“Corriere della Sera”, “Repubblica”, “Io Donna”, “Amadeus”, “O Estado de Minas”, “The Indipendent”, "El Pais" and others).

Thanks to his well-organized didactic and concert activity he is often invited as special guest to television and radio programmes, all around the world, such as the asiatic CCTV9, Italian Rai Radiotelevision, Vatican Radio, Radio FM Concert in Paraguay (that has dedicated a whole night to his career), he
Some of his recordings are also present as classical music sound tracks of the most important european Air lines and are available from the musical archives of several italian radio stations (RADIO POPOLARE, RADIO 24, RADIOTRE, RADIO VATICANA....).
In 2010 he was testimonial for the FAO in the UN's World Food Day, offering his performances in the city-Jericho- the oldest town in the world- during its 10,000 years, and also in the Central Building of ' UN in New York City, across the General Director Jaques Diouf and the Secretary of State of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon.
He lives and works in Italy, where for several years held the position of President of the Academy of Classical Guitar in Milan. On October 17, 2011, offered his performance (as well as the singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and Badara Seck) during World Food Day. FAO invited him once again to perform the ceremony in celebration, in which Jeremy Irons was named the new Goodwill Ambassador . On the same occasion was testimonial (with Carla Fracci, Gina Lollobrigida, Roberto Baggio, Marco Masini, Nino Benvenuti, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Fabio Campoli, Carl Lewis) of television media campaigns in support FAO in projects in the Horn of Africa.

“…music and technique, in Marcos Vinicius, do not oppose...” Gian Mario Benzing – Corriere della Sera - Italy -

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