Meus Mestres IV

His record production, that includes the CDs “Dedicatoria,” “My Hands...My Soul”, “Guitar Recital”, “Leyendas”, “Encanto” and "Viola...Violar" ( edited by Discantica, Milan) and more recent "Playing Marcos Vinicius", has always been followed by enthusiastic critics that have appeared in the most important reviews and daily newspapers in Europe and America (“Corriere della Sera”, “Repubblica”, “Io Donna”, “Amadeus”, “O Estado de Minas”, “The Indipendent”, "El Pais" and others).

Thanks to his well-organized didactic and concert activity he is often invited to television and radio programmes, both public and private, such as the recent programme of Radio FM Concert in Paraguay (that has dedicated a whole night to his career), or the programmes of RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, where he has often been invited as guest.
Some of his recordings are also present as classical music sound tracks of the most important european Air lines and are available from the musical archives of several italian radio stations (RADIO POPOLARE, RADIO 24, RADIOTRE, RADIO VATICANA....).

In 2010 he was testimonial for the FAO in the UN's World Food Day, offering his Marcos Viniciusperformances in the city-Jericho- the oldest town in the world- during its 10,000 years, and also in the Central Building of ' UN in New York City, across the General Director Jaques Diouf and the Secretary of State of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon.

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